Trout in the Classroom

 The Delta Science Center sponsors several classrooms throughout East Contra Costa County in the Fish and Wildlife Program Trout in the Classroom. The program brings fish eggs into the classroom and allows children to watch the eggs hatch into small "fry". The fish stay in the classroom for several weeks before being released into Contra Loma Regional Park in Antioch. 

The premise behind the program is to allow children to learn the journey from egg to fish and to give them an idea of how these small creatures grow into large size rainbow trout. 

The Delta ScienceCenter purchases the equipment needed for the eggs to survive and grow in the classroom. Our volunteer coaches help the teachers in getting the tanks set each year and provide support throughout the program. 

By the end of each February the eggs are delivered to each classroom and the children watch them grow until release.

Here is a photo gallery of photos from 2016. We add pictures as they sent in from the classrooms.

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