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Become a member of the Delta Science Center Today! 

Education and Networking

The primary goal of the Delta Science Center is to help educate the community about the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta's ecology. Membership includes opportunities to attend special events for no cost or at a discount that include Delta walking tours, Delta themed lecture series and more.

Membership gives the opportunity to learn about the mammals and aquatic life, as well as the 20 endangered species that reside within the Delta region and depend upon the Delta's natural resources to survive.

Joining will also gives the chance to meet other like minded people. 

Members will receive the Delta Science Center's quarterly newsletter containing information and resources relevant to the Delta.

Participation in DSC’s online communities give members a chance to network with other Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta friends.


Showcasing the good works of our members relating to the Delta, the DSC encourages members to submit photos, success stories and testimonials for use on our website, social media platforms print materials and other avenues for visibility.

We also offer photographers in membership to show off their work in the DSC's newsletter, annual calendar, brochures and educational material.


Our members tell us that one of the most important things we do is serve as a voice for the Delta and raise awareness of the important ecological concerns of the Delta region. We advocate with the media to promote Delta ecology in the news; alert the media about issues affecting the Delta ecology; and educate local policy makers, local opinion leaders and local community members about the vital role the Delta ecology plays in making our communities better places to live.

Download membership brochure below.

Mission Statement: The Delta Science Center invites people of all ages and backgrounds to appreciate, understand, and become active stewards of the San Francisco Bay-Delta ecosystem—California's most important but least understood natural resource.

We welcome everyone in to join us in our mission. 

Membership includes: All memberships include an e-mail copy of the Delta Science Center — Monitor — quarterly newsletter, invitation to the Delta Science Center Annual Meeting, free or discounted admission to Delta Science Center events, activities and speaker events.

To join the Delta Science Center fill out the membership application, attach membership dues and mail to:

Delta Science Center Membership

P.O. Box 8

Oakley, CA 94561 

Annual Dues: (check appropriate box)

_____ Individual* $25                                           _____ Family* $40

_____ Delta Science Center Friend* $100        _____ Delta Science Center Guardian* $300

_____ Other Donation                                                                 

*Newsletter through postal carrier additional $12 per year.

Total Membership enclosed: $_________



City: ______________________________________    State: __________   Zip Code: ___________


Phone Number: __________________________ Cell:  ___________________________________

Email Address: _____________________________________________________

Interests: (Check all that apply)

_____ Educational Outreach                 _____ Program Development

_____ Delta Water Monitoring            _____ Delta Clean-up Programs

_____ Fundraising                                  Other______________________________________ 

For more details contact the Delta Science Center at 925-289-5711.

Roni Gehlke,
Jul 6, 2014, 11:14 AM