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The 2016 Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Educational Resource Guide Calendars delivered to 7,200 fifth grade students — 1/2016
For the fifth year the annual Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Educational Resource Guide Calendars have been delivered to elementary school districts throughout East Contra Costa County and the River District schools. The resource guides are delivered at no cost to each 5th grade student. 

New this year
On each monthly page there is a science challenge. These are simple challenges that can be completed in the classroom, but also at home with younger and older siblings. "The whole idea to adding the science challenges is to get children interested in science and experiments at an early age," said Roni Gehlke, Delta Science Center's (DSC) Executive Director. "The challenges are easy and offer a chance to have some fun outside."

The challenges include finding animal foot prints along a park trail, building your own simple watershed and finding out how certain bugs seem to walk on water.

Another great feature this year is the showcase of children's art. In 2015 the Delta Science Center started the Our Delta Endangered Species Art Contest. "We had some fabulous art entered by students of all ages to celebrate Endangered Species Day in May," Gehlke said. "The art was used in a show at the Contra Costa County Fair in the spring, as well as an art show at Big Break Regional Shoreline Park on Endangered Species Day." 

There are photographs of many of the art pieces throughout the calendar. "We wish we could have shown all the art. There were almost 100 entries and all would not fit in the calendar, but we did get quite a few of the pieces in."

One of the DSC volunteers, Beverly Turner, even had some of her Antioch Community Center art classes add their rendition of endangered species through sculpture art. These pieces were also in the Fair in 2015. 

Why a calendar format
"In simple terms," Gehlke said. "A picture is worth a thousand words."  The Resource Guide offers various photos that show off the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta at its best, with pictures of everything from bridges, Delta mammals to the endangered vernal fairy shrimp. The guide also includes a brief history of the Delta from a 5th grade perspective and information on the Delta Science Center. The photos are all donated from several local artists that spend their time documenting the Delta on film. 

Thank you to our supporters
The calendar could not be possible without the help of our many supporters. That includes our major sponsors, the Ironhouse Sanitary District and Pacific, Gas and Electric. Also, thanks to the help the many agencies that helped answer questions year round that is used to educate the DSC on the Delta. We used a lot of that information when putting together the resource guide.

Beyond and continuing education
The DSC continues to update the resource guide with more experiments,  history on the Delta and 5th grade related assignments on their website throughout the year. "The Teacher Resource section on our website is constantly being filled with more ideas on how to add assignment about the Delta into regular classrooms subjects like language arts, history and science," Gehlke said. The DSC encourages teachers to keep on eye on their website throughout the year for updates. 

2015 Sacramento San Joaquin Delta Educational Resource Guide Calendar featured in Contra Costa Times

The DSC's Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Educational Resource Guide Calendar was featured in the Contra Costa Times along with Vince Galardi's photo of a snowy egret. Follow this link to check out the story.

Thank you to all those who helped!

Happy New Year! The Delta Science Center's Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Educational Resource Guide Calendars have been delivered to 6,500 fifth grade students from Martinez to Discovery Bay and Rio Vista to Clarksburg. 

Thank you to our sponsors:Ironhouse Sanitary District    Pacific Gas and Electric Garaventa Enterprises  Sierra Club  Dow Chemical

Thank you to all of our photographers who generously donated their art for our use.

Keenan Adams/USFWS          Rodney Campbell                  Joe Chan        Larry Crist/USFWS                Discovery Bay Studios           Dept. of Water Resources   

Corinne Evans                       Richard Evans                      Gary M. Fellers/US Geological Services         Vince Galardi                        Glenn Gehlke                       

Roni Gehlke                          Bill Klipp                               Pippa Lou          Robin Mayoff                      Michael Newman                    Nancy Stern

AFRI Research Project 2014 season begins this month

The Delta Science Center's AFRI committee began work on the 2014 environmental-agriculture study on Jersey Island this month. AFRI is a grant program that allows high school students to work on a similar study that is being completed by UC Davis and UC Berkeley grad students and professors. The study takes place on a Delta island, using natural peat soil. 

Students begin by grow a crop of rice at the Learning Lab in a green house. The rice is later transplanted into a main field on the Learning Lab property. Once in the main field the soil, water and air around the rice are then tested by the students to see the changes in the land and air because rice has been planted. The main hypothesis of the study is by planting rice in the peat soil can greenhouse gas be reduced and can Delta island subsidence be reduced. The students are also conducted a separate study of adding additional nitrogen to the soil add any changes to the rice crop. 

The Delta Science Center Summer Science Club will be conducting the experiments involved in the program. High School students from Liberty High School, Freedom High School and Antioch High School are welcome to get involved in the Club. The Club starts June 25 at 11 am at Big Break Regional Shoreline Park. Meeting dates to be determined by the Club and some meetings will be at BBRSP and other at the Jersey Island Learning Lab. To sign up for the Club contact the DSC at