About Us

A Community Working Together                                                                          
The DSC began as a community project in 1995. The idea behind the program was to raise funds to build a Science Center program along the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta shoreline in the Oakley area.

The beauty of the Delta captivates many, but few understand the waterway. The committee’s original idea was to educate the public of all ages so that they in turn could become stewards of this very important natural resource.

Over the years the DSC committee has partnered with various organizations from educational facilities to other naturalist groups.

Several years ago, DSC began a partnership with East Bay Regional Park District. Through a sharing of ideas and careful planning the two groups devised a science center model that allowed East Bay Regional Park District to build on.

The new site "Big Break Regional Shoreline Park" and "Big Break Visitor Center at the Delta" are both now open to the public to enjoy year-round. The Park a science center and a Delta Discovery Center—both located right on the shoreline of the Delta in Oakley. The East Bay Regional Park District is currently working on building a permanent display inside the visitor center that will allow people to learn and appreciate the Delta. It is hoped that this part of the building will be completed by Winter 2014. Meanwhile residents are welcome to enjoy the park and inside the building on weekends.