Volunteer Needed:
Love the Delta and interested in getting involved in the Delta Science Center? No experience is ever necessary to give your time to our group. All that is needed is an interest in working with children and the public, learning about the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta ecology and the local wildlife. And most important having fun! Below are a list of projects we are working on in the coming months: 
Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Educational Resource Guide Calendar: This is a research and photography project. The program includes helping to build the resource guide and information on Delta weather, water science, ecology and animals. When this project is completed, 5,000-7,500 guides will be delivered free to 5th graders.
Video Productions for Rice Grant Project: At least two, but up to three, videos need to be completed by this deadline. For three years the Delta Science Center has been working with UC Davis and UC Berkeley professors and grad students to study weather rice is a viable crop to grow on Delta islands. The video projects will include three 5-minute videos that help describe the project study.
Winter High School Science Fair: A 2-day science fair Freedom High School in all the science classrooms. Help is needed in setting up booklets to be handed out during the program, designing science data posters and Delta related posters. Help is also needed in coordinating the program.
Trout in the Classroom: The Delta Science Center sponsors 15 classrooms each year with fish eggs and aquariums to show, mostly elementary age students, how fish are born. Classroom volunteers are needed.
Endangered Species Day Art Contest and Art Show: Students are asked to draw their favorite of the 22 Delta endangered species. The pictures are collected and voted on. All the pictures are set up for an art show in the spring and at the county fair. When the winners are announced, the winner’s classroom gets a pizza party and prizes are handed out. Students will help with promotion of the program and help with the art show.

The Delta Science Center At Big Break
The Delta Science Center is a non-profit organization whose sole mission is to help build active stewardship for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta through school education programs, community activities and citizen science. 

The Delta Science Center programs are made possible through sponsorships, grants, memberships and the generous donations of the community.